A Real-Life Mario Kart Track Races Its Way Into LA

The only thing better than beating all your friends in Mario Kart (high) is jumping in a real-life Mario-themed mobile and beating the overalls off them on an actual race track. That’s right, the Mario Kart Mushroom Rally is coming to Los Angeles.

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This has been the best game-related breakthrough since the game first debuted on the Super Nintendo in 1993. Dates are yet to be announced at this time, but you can sign up HERE to get updates on when and where the races will go down. They only ask you to leave your giant red shells at home.


Tickets to the event are extremely limited so it’s best to stay on top of it ahead of the date announcements. Also, don’t bother coming in costume because they apparently supply that to you. Looks like my Yoshi outfit is staying in the dresser (that day, at least).

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While you’re impatiently waiting for tickets like we are, check out some of the images of past Mushroom Rally events and imagine yourself winning the mushroom cup. It’s glorious!