Meanwhile on TikTok: Stripper Launders Money the Old Fashioned Way (With Dawn Soap)

Money is filthy. It’s exchanged from person to person and god knows where most of it has been. So when stripper TikTok star Fallon Delaney Amey, better known as @youllbefallon4me, decided to show her process for washing money it went viral on TikTok . Yes. She washes her bills in the bath and once you see the water you’re going to wonder why you even touch money with your bare hands.

Fallon breaks down her process into easy, digestible steps. First, remove the rubber bands from your fat stacks. Then drop and separate the bills in your tub (this ensures proper cleaning). Cover that shit with hella Dawn dish soap and fill the tub with super hot water.

At this point, you’re going to need to agitate the bills vigorously. No seriously. Keep stirring that money to get all the DNA collected off of it. Next, look at how nasty and black the water is. Eew is that a bug, Lord have mercy. Then drain the tub and rinse your money. Towel dry carefully and then drop your bills in the dryer with a dryer sheet.

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Once your money is so fresh and so clean, you can begin the next phase of your life. Thinking about where the hell is on your money’s been before you wash it next.

Cover Photo: @youllbefallon4me (TikTok)