Talkin’ Sex With Chanel Preston

So I had a little chat with porn star and professional sexy lady Chanel Preston. It was pleasant. We talked about how she once put a cucumber up her bum.

CRAVE ONLINE: You star as Lara Croft in the Tomb Raider XXX Porn Parody . What was that like to shoot?

CHANEL PRESTON: I was really excited because I heard that they were shooting it way before they actually did, and I was like “I HAVE to play Lara Croft!” It was a lot of fun. They had a choreographer come in to train me how to fight and I got to go rock climbing, so it was definitely an adventure.

The movie is obviously based on the popular video game series – what has the reaction been like from gamers who have watched the movie?

I think they’re appreciative that it’s based on the videogame and not the mainstream Lara Croft movie. I haven’t heard anything negative yet, which is really bizarre because I always thought videogame people were really particular.

So you’ve had nobody chasing you down the street with pitchforks yet?

No, I’m really surprised because those people can be really picky (laughs).

What was your favourite scene in the movie to shoot?

Maybe the rock-climbing scene…

You’re in a porno and your favourite scene was rock-climbing?

(Laughs) Well I only have two sex-scenes in it…

You’ve also starred in Wonder Woman Interactive . Could you tell us a little bit about what exactly an interactive porno is?

The viewer can choose what the girl’s wearing, what position she’s in and things like that. Wonder Woman Interactive is a ‘choose your own adventure’ videogame which you have to make your way through in order to get to me, and then once you win you can put me in any position you want – doggy, missionary, blowjob – and then you can choose where to cum aswell. It’s fun.

Have you personally played it?

No, I haven’t actually fucked myself yet.

You also starred as Wonder Woman again in ‘The Justice League of Porn Star Heroes’ parody. Who was your favourite superhero to have sex with on the shoot? Batman? Maybe Robin?

The character that I had sex with was a made-up villain, but people were upset that I didn’t have sex with Superman in the movie. He was pretty sexy, but I didn’t get to have sex with him…

Missed opportunity. If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

I think I would read minds… I don’t know, maybe that would give me too much information.

How would you utilise it?

I’d use it on men!

Sinister. Is it difficult to maintain your composure when you’re having sex with guys in fancy dress costumes? Do you ever have to prevent yourself from laughing?

It is, but to be honest it’s really easy to just pretend you’re enjoying sex. Once we start it’s fine but the part beforehand is when you laugh – I’m like “I can’t believe I’m gonna have sex with this guy”.

You were also named Penthouse magazine Pet of the Month in March – what was your reaction when you found out about that?

I was excited because I shoot a lot of hardcore stuff and it’s nice to be able to be beautiful and classy, while still being a dirty and nasty girl.

What’s the most hardcore scene you’ve ever had to shoot?

I shoot for (a very, very hardcore porn site) a lot and that’s pretty hardcore and intense stuff – I did put a cucumber in my ass for them the other day.

Fucking hell.

I think that’s hardcore. I dunno, maybe people do that every day…

How do you prepare yourself for hardcore scenes? Do you see it as just a job or is it something that you enjoy doing?

It’s an adrenaline rush for me, but I want to be able to know what I’m getting into – if I showed up for something like a Penthouse shoot and they were like “by the way, you’re gonna get beat today” I would NOT be down with that. There is an amount of mental preparation for them – kind of like being prepared for battle (laughs). I do enjoy doing those things but you do have to prepare.

So it’s kind of like preparing to go to war but instead of carrying a gun, you’re carrying a giant dildo?

Pretty much. I just compared sex to war… that’s pretty weird.

Is there anything you’ve ever refused to do?

I was asked to do a milk enema (the act of injecting water into an anus in order to clean it of its ‘contents’)..

That’s disgusting.

I was also asked to do something for’s ‘Public Disgrace’ page, where girls are being beaten and gagged in public. I turned that down too. That’s not really the kind of thing I’m down for.

What would you say are the main misconceptions people have about you before they meet you due to your career in porn?

People expect me to be a bitch because I look kind of snotty I guess, so when I go to porn conventions fans are always like “wow, I wasn’t expecting you to be so chatty!”

Lastly, what more can we expect from you this year?

I’m trying to branch out a little bit and do a little more hosting. I’ve been wanting to do something for G4TV, because since Tomb Raider I’ve kind of gotten into this whole videogame thing!

I did not expect that to be your answer.

What were you expecting me to say? That I was going to take a bigger cock or something?

A bigger cucumber.

Maybe I’ll take two cucumbers!

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