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The Best Spooky Ghost Movies to Stream on Halloween

Photo: Warner Bros

When it comes to fall movies , there are a lot of different genres to discover. But, since we like to get right into the Halloween spirit, we head straight to spooky movies. And while we enjoy a great masked killer romp and a titillating murder-filled thriller, we love ghost movies the most.

Maybe this is because we feel like scary, otherworldly happenings can actually go on when the lights go out or we all share the fear that a cold, dead hand will reach out from under the bed and shake us awake from our slumber. Regardless of why we like it, we do.

If you’re anything like us and your healthy fear of what goes “bump in the night” still makes you want to watch movies about ghosts, we’re here to help. Keep scrolling and you’ll see 10 of our favorite spooky movies to stream in preparation for Halloween.